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babel-react-rollup-starter Build Status npm version Standard - JavaScript Style Guide

A simple boilerplate for web apps with React, Babel, and Rollup.


Via npm into a fresh project:

npm i babel-react-rollup-starter

Or using Git:

git clone
cd babel-react-rollup-starter
npm i

For a faster installation, use yarn instead of npm.



Running the following command will open your default browser to html/index-dev.html. Thanks to Browsersync, any modifications inside src trigger a browser refresh:

npm start

To generate a development bundle:

npm run build:dev


  1. First run the following command:
npm run build
  1. Open html/index.html in your browser.

The Rollup production configuration file changes NODE_ENV to production and minifies the code with UglifyJS.


The code quality is checked by the JavaScript Standard Style.


Released under the MIT license by Davy Duperron.

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