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anyForm is a lightweight form brute-forcing tool that can break any form that contains a username and a password fields.

At this time, anyForm is still at early stage development, functionalities are very limited but they are good enough for classical web forms.

anyForm main display - screenshot1


anyForm is so plain and simple you only have to pass by a few steps and your brute-force attack is all ready. Follow these steps to successfully start cracking passwords:

  1. $ perl
  2. set url <your_form_url>
  3. set users <users_list>
  4. set passwords <passwords_list>
  5. set userField <field_name_from_html_source>
  6. set passField <field_name_from_html_source>
  7. set ssMsg <success_message_source>
  8. start anyForm brute-forcing - Screenshot2


If you need to get more in depth of anyForm here is the list of anyForm commands:

Command Action Example
set url <value> Setting the form url to a new value set url
set users <value> Give users list a new value set users users_list.txt
set passwords <value> Give passwords list a new value set passwords passwords_list.txt
set userField <value> Enter the value of the user field (as in the html set userField username
set passField <value> Enter the value of the password field (as in the set userField password
set ssMsg <value> Setting the success string to test on set ssMsg success.txt
start Start brute-forcing
help Show this help message
clear Clear console
exit Exit anyForm

To-Do List:

This version of anyForm is very basic, later version will have better functionalities and trust me, you will love it. Here is the list of the to-be-added functionalities:

  • [ ] Auto-Install missing modules.
  • [ ] Add custom form elements.
  • [ ] Proxy connections.
  • [ ] Better interactive interface.
  • [ ] Multi-forms brute-forcing.
  • [ ] Data generator (Users,Passwords,Tokens etc...)

Help Improving anyForm

Do you have a new idea? Or you think anyForm is missing something? Simply make a new pull request or contact me @ [email protected] to suggest changes.

Report A Bug

An error has occurred and you have no clue what caused it? Don't panic, as mentioned above anyForm is still at early stage development, errors and bugs might occur, just make a new issue or contact me @ [email protected] for bug report.

Legal Disclaimer

  • I do not take any responsibility and I am not liable for any damage caused through the use of this product.
  • I do not take responsibility for any illegal usage.


anyForm MIT License

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