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What we're about

xTuple is open-source ERP and CRM software -- automated, integrated business process management and corporate relationship management. Learn more at The code is managed by an eponymous company in Norfolk, VA, and our community stretches around the world. The xTuple client is a desktop app written in the cross-platform Qt framework.

Many of our commercial customers are inventory-based manufacturers or distributors, and we have a fair amount of commercially-licensed code to specifically support these use-cases. That said, businesses of all sorts, even services-based companies, run their operations on our open-source core.

We're always happy when people use xTuple as a launching point for their own projects, whether or not you have a commercial relationship with us.

Why you might be interested in hacking on our software

The xTuple platform provides a great starting point for business software in practically any industry. What you get for free is an entire stack to work on top of, and a lot of business objects that you might want, like Invoices, Currencies, Tasks and Contacts (and about a hundred more) are already implemented.

Moreover, one of the great strengths of the framework is extensibility and privilege control. Our extension system allows for a high level of modularity, and keeps you from having to rewrite the core. Fine-grained, centrally-managed privilege control is also an important feature that businesses typically want, and we've taken special care to implement it reliably across the application.

Getting involved

Fork us, take a test drive with our free trial, file an issue.

What's Here?

This repository contains the source code for the xTuple database and its node.js middleware. You can also find the code for our desktop client, OpenRPT report writer, CSVImport utility, and several open-source extensions on GitHub.

Installing this project

If you are looking to install xTuple for demonstration or use, please follow the instructions on the xTuple Admin Utility wiki. The best way to start coding on our stack is review our developer documentation in the qt-client and xtuple wikis on GitHub.

Release Notes

View the Release Notes to see a change log.

Additional Resources

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