Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Repository has been moved to my private hosting.

New location:

Moving off from Github...

Recent incident with youtube-dl has shown how bad use of centralized services could be. Organizations which have a power, for example governments or ones like RIAA in youtube-dl's case, are able to take down ANY project which they do not like.

IMO, technology regulation by Big Brother(s) has begun. There are lots of things which are double-purpose (can be used for good or evil) like encryption, distributed networks, tunneling & VPN utilities, web crawlers, DPI & firewall bypassing tools and much more. I believe we will soon hear about more similar incidents...

So I have decided to move to something other than Github. Picked Gitea as simple solution which is enough for me. For now I'm hosting it from my PC, so do not expect high availability.

Leaving my Github account active only for purpose of collaboration with Termux organization.

Also, not directly related but worth to mention:

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