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About WYMeditor


WYMeditor is an open source web-based WYSIWYM editor with semantics and standards in mind.

The "WYM" part stands for What You Mean (is what you get). This is in contrast with the more common WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get.

Thus WYMeditor is different from the more common editors (like TinyMCE and CKEditor).

Its focus is on providing a simple experience for users as well as the separation of the content of the document from the presentation of the document.

It also adheres to web standards.

And its versioning adheres to Semantic Versioning 2.


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Why WYMeditor?

If your project requires that users produce consistent, standards-compliant and clean content, they'll thank you for implementing WYMeditor.

There are lots of choices when it comes to a browserbased editor and many of them are stable, mature projects with thousands of users.

If you require an editor that gives the enduser total control and flexibility then WYMeditor is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you want an editor that can be customized to provide the specific capabilities that are required in your project, and you want to ensure that users are focused on the structure of their content instead of tweaking fonts and margins, perhaps you should give WYMeditor a try.

WYMeditor also fully supports Internet Explorer 8.

Try It

Want to see what WYMeditor can do? Try the examples online, right now.

Browser Compatibility


  • jQuery: any version between 1.4.4 and 2.1.x. With jQuery 2.x and newer, there is no support for IE8 and older.
  • For IE8, ES5 shims are required. Tested with es5-shim and shams.

Global Pollution

  • window.jQuery.browser: jquery.browser v``~0.0.6``
  • window.rangy: Rangy v``1.2.2`` (includes the selection save and restore module)


Copyright (c) 2005 - 2015 Jean-Francois Hovinne, Dual licensed under the MIT (MIT-license.txt) and GPL (GPL-license.txt) licenses.

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