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WSSH Is a tool for brute forcing servers that has port 22 open via ssh, wssh is probably the fastest ssh brute forcer that exists


This video has not been made by myself
For make it faster, use more threads ;-)


Getting Started:

git clone
cd wssh
chmod +x wssh*
./WSSH -p <password> -c <commands> -f <hostfile> -u root -t <threads>

System requirements

  • Bash - Find more info about bash here
  • PSSH - Find more info about pssh here
  • SSHPASS - Find more info about sshpass here


Versions changelog.



This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the file for details


If you have problems, questions, ideas or suggestions please contact me on *[email protected] - For faster contact visit freenode irc network or the webchat and type '/msg wuseman hi!' in the input bar and I will reply you ASAP I will see the message.

Enter Freenodes network via your own client ' or use their new web client here


Attacking different kinds of accounts via ssh that you have not been granted or allowed to attack is strictly prohibited and it breaks the law. The punishment is hard and you can even get into prison in some countries just for trying to attack for intrusion. With this said, it's important that all users is aware of this and when you have cloned or downloaded it's fully up to every user to take responsibility over their own actions. wuseman cannot be held responsible for the actions of any user, all users using wssh on their own responsibility.

Developer: "All my previews where a brute force attack has been done is under controlling forms with 100% fully permissions by the owners. If you have any questions about this then you are welcome to contact me or the owner."

Feel free to send donations if you want to support the development of the wssh

  BTC Address: 1PShAiLCgEnMMPKAwLcv6pxNSx6hiyRMHE


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