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Ever wanted to combine the individual CSRF POCs in Burp into a single HTML? Or ever wished that Burp generated CSRF POCs combining two or more requests? Look no further!

Multi-step CSRF POC extension for Burp combines two or more requests into a single HTML POC. This extension also gives you an option to generate the multi-step POC using form-based, XHR or jQuery based HTML.

The extension makes use of the Python modules request_parser and request_generator to parse requests and generate code.


The following demo shows the usage and feature of this Multi-step CSRF POC extension.

alt text

Getting Started

Installing the extension

  • Download Jython standalone JAR into a directory.
  • Select this directory in Burp suite's "Java Environment" which can be reached from "Extender" -> "Options".
  • Download the latest release from releases and load it into Burp by going to "Extender" -> "Extensions" -> click "Add" and select the downloaded extension JAR file.

Using the extension

Generating a new multi-step CSRF POC

  • Once loaded, select a few requests in Burp's "HTTP history" tab.
  • Right-click and select "Multi-Step CSRF POC" -> "Generate new Multi-Step CSRF POC".

Adding to existing CSRF POC

  • Make sure an existing Multi-step CSRF POC window is open.
  • Select one or more requests in Burp's "HTTP history" tab.
  • Right-click and select "Multi-Step CSRF POC" -> "Add to existing POC" and select the POC window to which the new request(s) need to be added to.

Other Features

The extension supports,

  • reordering the requests in CSRF POC window.
  • modifying the requests in the Multi-step CSRF POC window and regenerating HTML.
  • removing added requests.
  • copying the generated HTML code to clipboard.
  • exceptions are displayed in the bottom most text area while stack trace for the exceptions are displayed in the "Errors" tab for the extension.

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