An API which contains all the small things I use in my Projects
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4 months ago11gpl-3.0Kotlin
:pencil: The first editor for Spigot configurations.
Model Engine Wiki95
4 months ago1otherJavaScript
A Minecraft plugin which allows you to create mod-like models for your mobs.
4 years ago10gpl-3.0PHP
A server software for Minecraft Pocket Edition
22 days agogpl-3.0Java
A template for creating minecraft plugin from 1.8 to 1.19
Okaeri Configs53
10 days ago4mitJava
Simple Java/POJO config library written with love and Lombok
a year agomitTypeScript
Firework8s is a collection of kubernetes objects (yaml files) for deploying workloads in a home lab.
7 months ago1mitJava
A Minecraft library for saving, loading, updating, and commenting YAML configuration files
Nbt2json322a year ago12October 22, 20213mitGo
A command line utitlity and module that reads NBT data and converts it to JSON or YAML for editing and then back to NBT again
2 years ago3mitGo
get/put/delete cli and http API for Minecraft Bedrock Edition world directories
8 months ago1August 04, 20162iscJava
GSON-like ORM for Bukkit YAML API's
Alternatives To Spijetapi
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SpiJetAPI - (1.8.8 - 1.18)

An API Which contains all the small things I use in my Projects. It adds lots of abstraction to the plain Spigot API resulting in rappid development.



//SQL connections
DataSourceBuilder dsb = new DataSourceBuilder();

HikariDataSource hds = dsb.build();

//Query Something
SQLQueryBuilder sqb = new SQLQueryBuilder("SELECT * FROM simpsons WHERE name=? AND age=?;");
sqb.setParameters("Homer", 42);

//Query sync
CachedRowSet crs = sqb.executeQuery(hds);
//Query async
CompletableFuture<CachedRowSet> future = sqb.executeQueryAsync(hds);


Particles are supported in multiple versions where the particle is either Particle. or Effect..

//Gets you the right wrapper for your version
ParticleWrapper particleWrapper = ParticleUtils.getWrapper();

//Create 100 particles at the location of the player in the shape of a sphere with the radius of 2 for all players
particleWrapper.createSpherical(Particle.REDSTONE, player.getLocation, 100, 2, 2, 2);


The "normal" ways to create GUIs is often based on slot and/or string comparison of the item used as a button and the InventoryClickEvent. This GUI-API aims to connect the events and the creation of the API to create GUIs easier.

InventoryGui gui = Gui.inventory();
 .setGUITitle("My First GUI!");
Button button = new Button(this::action); //This function (this::action) is called on click
 .setSlot(13) //Define the position of the button
 .setMaterial(Material.PAPER) //Define the material
 .setTitle("Click me!"); //Set the name
gui.addWidget(button); //Add the button to the gui
gui.open(player); //open the gui as inventory

That's all no need to check stuff. No need to register listeners.


The configuration utility of this plugin support JSON and YAML configs

File ymlConfig = new File(getDataFolder(), "config.yml");
File jsonConfig = new File(getDataFolder(), "config.json");

//load data
//Get yml config write default if not exist (can be any java bean class)
MyOptionClass myOptionClass = ConfigUtils.load(ymlConfig, MyOptionClass.class, new MyOptionClass());

//Get json config write default if not exist (Can be any kind of data class) 
MyOptionClass myOptionClass = ConfigUtils.loadJson(jsonConfig, MyOptionClass.class, new MyOptionClass());

//Save data
//Save yml data
yamlConfiguration.save(ymlConfig, myOptionClass);

//Save json data
ConfigUtils.saveJson(jsonConfig, myOptionClass);
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