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this lib will disappear soon in favour of a new one inspired by pjax.


pushState + fetch

pjax was yesterday (and jquery dependent). pfetch is today.

what is this?

This library started as an expansion of this snippet by Alex Normand.

Original source:

This library left some basic problems:

  1. clicking an anchor's child would not send a href up the event bubbling chain, resulting in normal unajax'd behaviour
  2. fetch is not used
  3. no graceful degradation is provided
  4. no 'API' with which to govern how the snippet works (config/init object to pick container element, custom timeouts, etc).

why not simply port pjax to vanilla js?

  1. it has been done. twice. both are solid. and big.
  2. as IE8 gets shut down, we don't need as much crap in a pjax offshoot, as Alex Normand's original snippet already demonstrated.

what has been added, and how?

  1. in case the handy line responseType = 'document' isn't applicable (cough fetch) we use the HTML parser to polyfill it.

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