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some do not seem to understand that this is not even close to being complete, and manage to build a system that processes payments for this then you are probably able to write this on their own. I could say that this was a program that encrypts some of your files and stores it on a server and you would not bother

This project was written to show how easy it is to create extremely malicious code.

Ransomware is designed to take your most loved files hostage demanding large amounts of money to unlock them.

Clone of native-tear written in Go which is a clone of hidden-tear


go-cry consists of two parts, a webserver and the client software. Output files will be placed in ./bin/

Built with linker flags -w -s to minimize file size. To further reduce the size of Go binaries, please see the UPX project

Building client and webserver

$ make

Will create the files

  • ./bin/web[.exe]
  • ./bin/cry[.exe]

Building client for all common operating systems and architectures

$ make all

Will create the files

  • ./bin/windows_amd64.exe
  • ./bin/windows_x86.exe
  • ./bin/linux_amd64
  • ./bin/linux_x86
  • ./bin/macos (amd64)


Will remove all files in the bin directory

$ make clean


Web server

See web/web.go and modify the constant values. They are commented and straight forward.


See config.go and modify the constant values.

If modifying the RSA key size variable Bits, please see EncryptedHeaderSize. RSA ciphertext length changes depending on key size used and it is not calculated at runtime.

This program does not

  • Demand any money from the user. It simply encrypts the amount of files specified in config.go constant ProcessMax and sends it to the server. Encrypt your files and store your encryption key on your server.
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