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Alternatives To Velociraptor Docker
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Run Velocidex Velociraptor server with Docker


  • Ensure docker-compose is installed on the host

  • git clone

  • cd velociraptor-docker

  • Change credential values in .env as desired

  • docker-compose up (or docker-compose up -d for detached)

  • Access the Velociraptor GUI via https://<hostip>:8889

    • Default u/p is admin/admin
    • This can be changed by running:

    docker exec -it velociraptor ./velociraptor --config server.config.yaml user add user1 user1 --role administrator


Linux, Mac, and Windows binaries are located in /velociraptor/clients, which should be mapped to the host in the ./velociraptor directory if using docker-compose. There should also be versions of each automatically repacked based on the server configuration.

Once started, edit server.config.yaml in /velociraptor, then run docker-compose down/up for the server to reflect the changes

Docker image

To pull only the Docker image:

docker pull wlambert/velociraptor

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