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Do not break the line! 🚨


pip install flake8-broken-line

It is also a valuable part of wemake-python-styleguide.

Code example

Things we check with this plugin:

# String line breaks, use `()` or `"""` instead:

some_string = 'first line\
second line'

# Use a single line, `()`, or new variables instead:

if 1 == 1 and \
    2 == 2:
    print('Do not do that!')

# Do not use for method chaining:
some_object \
  .call_method(param1, param2) \
  .call_other(keyword=value) \

# Instead use:
    param1, param2,

Error codes

Error code Description
N400 Found backslash that is used for line breaking



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