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Webiness Inventory


"Webiness Inventory" is small, web based, inventory managment system.


  • manage product categories with different VAT rates
  • manage products
  • 3 types of the documents: sale, purchase and dismission
  • 2 statuses of the document: proposal and approved
  • reports: inventory list and protuct cards
  • managment of suppliers and custumers (partners)
  • user managment


  • clone git repository into root directory of your web server
git clone
  • make runtime directory writable by the web server
chmod 777 webiness_inventory/runtime
# on Linux distributions that use SELinux security mechanism (CentOS, Fedora, RedHat EL, etc.)
# also enter the following commands:
chcon -R -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t user
chcon -R -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t webiness_inventory/runtime
  • create database in your MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL database server. (If you use SQLite DB then skip this step)
  • edit webiness_inventory/protected/config/config.php file and change configuration to match your settings:
WsConfig::set('db_driver', 'pgsql'); // change to 'mysql' for MySQL server or to 'sqlite' for SQLite DB
WsConfig::set('db_host', 'your_db_hostname'); // ignored for SQLite DB
WsConfig::set('db_name', 'database_name'); // ignored for SQLite DB
WsConfig::set('db_user', 'database_user_name'); // ignored for SQLite DB
WsConfig::set('db_password', 'database_user_password'); // ignored for SQLite DB
  • in the same file find line:
WsConfig::set('auth_admin', '[email protected]');

and replace given email address to the one that will be used for addministration access. Default password will be automaticaly set to: admin

  • point your web browser to installed application and login with he user data described above


  • web server with PHP 5.4 or above with PDO extensions for MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite
  • MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL database server


The project is distributed under MIT LICENSE

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