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voodux - React Demo

React application (Functional components) demo leveraging the voodux as it underlying architecture to handle it data.

This demo focus on React functional components.

It uses Material UI as UI framework.

This project was NOT bootstrapped with Create React App.

Demo app

Check the online demo

voodux Docs


Code Documentation

Code automation tools

  • npm run start:dev

    Starts the dev server at 5491 port

  • npm run build

    Build the application inside dist/ folder

    1. Runs npm run lint
    2. Runs npm run webpack
  • npm run doc

    Generates the code documentation using JSDoc

  • npm run lint

    Runs lint against the code at src/ folder

  • npm run eslint-fix

    Runs eslint --fix against the code at src/ folder

  • npm run format-code

Runs prettier-eslint --write against the code at src/ folder

  • npm run webpack

Transpile the es6 code (src/) to es5 version at dist/ folder

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