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Craft Admin Bar

Front-end shortcuts for clients logged into Craft CMS.

🥃 Admin Bar 3.2.x is a compatibility release that enables Admin Bar to be used in Craft 4 projects. After this release, the next update will be a major release and a re-write. A few features have been removed, Edit Links and Admin Bar Widgets, to focus on Admin Bars main toolbar. If you have any suggestions or feature requests for the next version, please join in at Admin Bars GitHub Discussions.


  • Craft 4.0.0


To install the plugin, you can find it in the Craft Plugin Store, or follow these instructions:

  1. Open your terminal and go to your Craft project:

cd /path/to/project

  1. Then tell Composer to require the plugin:

composer require wbrowar/adminbar

  1. In the Control Panel, go to Settings Plugins and click the Install button for Admin Bar.

Admin Bar


Add the Default Admin Bar

To add Admin Bar to your website add the {{ adminbar() }} tag anywhere within your page template. Admin Bar will appear at the top of any page that includes this tag when someonewho has the permission to view the CPis logged into your website.

Because Admin Bar is HTML, CSS, and Javascript added to your website's front-end, you may need to make some slight adjustments to override Admin Bar's CSS to make it fit your website.

You may pass in an array of arguments to make some changes on how Admin Bar looks and functions. In this example, you may pass in the entry that you'd like to appear when someone clicks the "Edit" link.

{{ adminbar({ entry: entry }) }}

Here is a list of available arguments:

Argument Default Description
category null Pass in a category object to add an edit link for that category
editLinkLabel null Set a custom label for the Edit Link when editLinkUrl is set to a custom URL
editLinkUrl null Override the Edit Link with a custom URL or URI (this will be run through the url() Twig function)
entry null Pass in an entry object to add an edit link for that entry
fixed false Use CSS position: fixed instead of position: sticky;
sticky true Uses CSS to position: sticky; Admin Bar to the top of the page
useCss true Add the default styles to Admin Bar or leave them off and style it your way
useJs true Use the Admin Bar's default Javascript

Adding Admin Bar to the Front-End via Javascript

Admin Bar can be added to many sites that use Craft as a headless CMS or use static caching, like FastCGI Caching. This requires these three steps:

  1. Admin Bar assets get included onto the page, via the {{ getAdminBarAssets({ uri: }) }} Twig tag
  2. Fetch or an HTTP clientlike jQuery or Axiosis used to get Admin Bar's HTML and place it onto the page
  3. The Javascript function, window.adminBarInit();, gets called

The {{ getAdminBarAssets({ uri: }) }} Twig tag places all of Admin Bar's CSS and Javascript onto the page within <script> and <style> tags. This should be placed towards the bottom of the <body> tag.

With the assets in place, you can use jQuery.ajax(),, or other similar methods to request Admin Bar's HTML from Craft. This requires the URI of the page be passed in to the request to give Admin Bar context.

Heres an example of using the fetch() API to load Admin Bar with vanilla Javascript:

    const data = {
        params: {},
        uri: '__home__', // Get URI and pass it through. Use `__home__` for your homepage.
    fetch('/actions/admin-bar/bar', {
        method: 'POST',
        body: JSON.stringify(data),
            'Content-Type': 'application/json'
    }).then(res => res.json())
        .then((response) => {
            const div = document.createElement('div');
            div.innerHTML = response.content;
            // Add Admin Bar to the top of the <body> tag
            // OR
            // Add Admin Bar to the bottom of the <body> tag
            // while (div.children.length > 0) {
            //     document.body.appendChild(div.children[0]);
            // }
            if (typeof window.adminBarInit === "function") {
                // Call adminBarInit() to add Javascript events via the {{ getAdminBarAssets({ uri: }) }} Twig tag
        .catch(error => console.error('Error:', error));

Note that JSON.stringify() is used to convert the data over to JSON before sending.

Configuration settings

The config file gives you the ability to adjust how Admin Bar looks and functions in multiple environments. It also allows you to create additional links for the Admin Bar, and allows for plugin actions to be called through these additional links.

Here are the settings you can change with the config file:

Admin Bar

Setting Default Description
additionalLinks [] Add links to Admin Bar using the properties found below
displayGreeting true Displays the logged in user's photo (if it's set) and "Hi, [friendlyname]"
displayDashboardLink true A link to the CP Dashboard
displayDefaultEditSection true Display the name of the section in the default entry/category edit link if the user has permission to edit it
displayGuideLink true If the Guide plugin is installed, a link to the Guide CP Section is displayed
displaySettingsLink true A link to the CP Settings page that appears only to admins
displayLogout true Logs you out of Craft CMS
enableMobileMenu true Enables Admin Bar to display a separate mobile theme below a width of 600 pixels

Additional Links

You can add links to Admin Bar using the config file by passing properties into an array, called additionalLinks. There are examples commented out in the config.php file, and here are the properties you can use to create links.

Property Values Description
title string Appears as the label for the link
url string Depending on the type property, the url represents the location or action of the link
title 'url', 'cpUrl', 'action' If the type is 'url', the url value should be an absolute URL or a path relative to the site root. If the type is 'cpUrl', the url value should be a path relative to your site's CP root. If the type is 'action', set the value for url to the path used by the Controller Action
params string Passes along url parameters, as documented here. This only supports this string format: 'foo=1&bar=2'
protocol string Changes the url protocol, as documented here
mustShowScriptName string Appends index.php, as documented here
permissions array An array of required permissions that are needed for this link to be displayed. All permissions in this array will be required for the link to appear


Release notes can be found at

Please, let me know if this plugin is useful or if you have any suggestions or issues. @wbrowar

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