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20 days ago73gpl-3.0Zig
A dynamic tiling Wayland compositor
15 days ago151otherTypeScript
KDE Plasma add-on, that tiles your windows automatically and lets you manage them via keyboard, similarly to i3, Sway or dwm.
2 days ago336mitC++
A modular and extensible wayland compositor
Awesome Wayland1,143
8 months ago5cc0-1.0
A curated list of Wayland code and resources.
3 days ago85gpl-2.0C
A Wayland window-stacking compositor
54 months ago9March 02, 201721mitRust
Modular wayland window manager written in rust
9 days ago16mitC
a library for making a simple Wayland compositor
18 hours agogpl-2.0C++
Easy to use, but flexible, X Window Manager and Wayland Compositor
Linux Window Session Manager322
1a year ago71March 06, 202115mitTypeScript
A tool to store and reload open windows and window positions for x11 desktops like unity and gnome.
16 days ago37apache-2.0Rust
A customizable TUI display/login manager written in Rust 🐒
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Note: Waysome is work in progress and not ready or useable yet.

Waysome is a window manager using wayland. It is especially made for powerusers and people who like to configure their window manager very atomicly.

Waysome is developed as a semester project at Hochschule Furtwangen University.

Waysome does not define any behaviour. It can be configured and scripted over an API, which allows the user to define the tiling, floating and overall behaviour. For example, if you want it to behave like i3wm, you can configure it this way. You can also configure it to behave like dwm, awesome or anything else. You can script it to do tiling in a completely new way, to fit your needs in every single bit. Therefor, waysome can be considered as tiling window manager 'framework'.

Yet, a minimal configuration will be shipped with the repository.


If you want to contribute to waysome, please read the CONTRIBUTING file.


Waysome is distributed under the terms of LGPLv2, for more information see the LICENSE file.

Copyright (C) 2014-2015 Julian Ganz, Manuel Messner, Marcel Müller, Matthias Beyer, Nadja Sommerfeld

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