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Native Android Ethereum wallet.


Hardware Wallet Support

other Account types

  • Watch only
  • PIN protected
  • Password protected
  • Burner style accounts
  • Key Import ( JSON UTC, RAW and Mnemonics)

Networks (Chains)

  • main, görli, rinkeby, ropsten, kovan, POA, sokol, ETC, xDAI, ...
  • load all chains from
  • DappNode support
  • Testnets with direct link to faucets (on görli and ropsten even auto-fill of address)
  • one flavor contains go-ethereum light client


  • Day/Night mode (Dark mode)
  • display information about Security of the phone
  • Sourcify support
  • display function calls when available from (fallback if contracts are not verified on Sourcify)
  • Keys on your device under your control
  • Tokens (your own ERC-20 compatible or predefined like DAI, Unicorn, OMG, SNT, ZRC, GNO, ..) - add your own in the app or on so everyone can use it
  • display value in fiat like EUR, NZD, USD, .. or MakerDAO DAI


  • ERC-67 / ERC-681 / ERC-1328 URLs (e.g. scanned from QR-Code or via intent)
  • ERC-55 Checksums
  • EIP712 signing
  • EIP155 Transactions


  • WalletConnect 1.0 Support
  • Offline signing (compatible to Parity signing flow)

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