A set of VL nodes for remote controlling DSLR cameras
Alternatives To Vl.devices.digicamcontrol
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Quaggajs4,218126342 years ago41June 07, 2017207mitJavaScript
An advanced barcode-scanner written in JavaScript
Cordova Plugin Camera9282,013586 months ago40August 23, 2021110apache-2.0Objective-C
Apache Cordova Plugin camera
Quagga250829a month ago49October 10, 202281mitTypeScript
An advanced barcode-scanner written in Javascript and TypeScript - Continuation from https://github.com/serratus/quaggajs
Onboard Sdk Ros357
a year ago67C++
Official ROS packages for DJI onboard SDK.
Cordova Plugin Media Capture289259148 months ago31May 30, 202270apache-2.0JavaScript
Apache Cordova Plugin media-capture
Node Gphoto22821554 months ago26April 21, 20209mitC++
A Node.js wrapper for libgphoto2
3 years ago13bsd-3-clauseC++
ROS node for camera module of Raspberry Pi
a year ago21C++
A compact package for undistorting images directly from kalibr calibration files. Can also perform dense stereo estimation
3 years ago300mitJavaScript
Patches is a visual programming editor for building WebVR and WebGL experiences.
Gopro133310 years ago2May 21, 20131JavaScript
API for controlling GoPro Hero 3 Camera from Node.js
Alternatives To Vl.devices.digicamcontrol
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A set of VL nodes for remo controlling DSLR cameras based on digiCamControl.

Try it with vvvv, the visual live-programming environment for .NET
Download: http://visualprogramming.net

Using the library

In order to use this library with VL you have to install the nuget that is available via nuget.org. For information on how to use nugets with VL, see Managing Nugets in the VL documentation. As described there you go to the commandline and then type:

nuget install VL.Devices.DigiCamControl -pre

Once the VL.Devices.DigiCamControl nuget is installed and referenced in your VL document you'll see the category "DigiCamControl" under "Devices" in the nodebrowser.

Demos are available via the Help Browser!

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