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Vue.js Cinema

Source code for the case-study project from the course Build A Vue.js Single-Page App with Vue Router


See the completed project here:



  1. Install this code on your local system

    1. Fork this repository (click 'Fork' button in top right corner)

    2. Clone the forked repository on your local file system

      cd /path/to/install/location
      git clone[your_username]/vuejs-cinema.git
  2. Change into directory

    cd vuejs-cinema
  3. Install dependencies

    npm install
  4. Create a .env file by copying the sample

    cp .env_sample .env

    Edit the .env file and replace any variables if needed

  5. Start project

    npm run start

Your site will be available at localhost:[PORT] where PORT is whatever value is set in your .env file.


Vue SchoolSnipcart

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Lecture branches

Each branch of of the repo shows the state of the code at the end of any particular video e.g. video/08 shows the state at the end of video 8.

If you want the initial state of the code, use the master branch.

If you're doing the Vue.js Essentials - 3 Course Bundle course on Udemy, you'll need the following conversion table to match the branch to the lecture number.

Lecture # Branch name
58 video/02
64 video/08
66 video/10
67 video/11
68 video/12
70 video/14
71 video/15
73 video/17
77 video/21
78 video/22
80 video/24
81 video/25
82 video/26
83 video/27
84 video/28
85 video/29
86 video/30
87 video/31
88 video/32
89 video/33
90 video/34
91 video/35
92 video/36
93 video/37
94 video/38
96 video/40
98 video/42
99 video/43
100 video/44
101 video/45
102 video/46
103 video/47
105 video/49
106 video/50
107 video/51
108 video/52
109 video/53
110 video/54
111 video/55
113 video/57
114 video/58
115 video/59
117 video/61
118 video/62
119 video/63

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