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Application and general cluster tools using Singularity containers.


Manager and recipe generator for local Singularity containers


You should clone the repo, and build the container (or you can also just clone and then use docker-compose and it will be pulled from Docker Hub).

git clone
cd tunel
docker build -t vanessa/tunel .


You can use docker compose to deploy:

docker-compose up -d

and then go to (localhost).


Here are some useful endpoints:


  • /: the root will show all containers available. When the user selects, he/she is taken to a screen to see input arguments.
  • /containers/random: will return a random container
  • /container/container.img: will show metadata about a container.


The following are considered API, meaning they return a text or json response, not intended for the user to interact with.

  • /api/containers: a list of all available containers
  • /api/container/<string:name>: a json object with container args, labels, and links.
  • /api/container/args/<string:name>: json of just container args
  • /api/container/labels/<string:name>: json of juist container labels
  • /container/run/container.img: Is the base for running a container, this one would be container.img. Arguments can be added as POST (eg, ?name=Amy)
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