Alternatives To Courts
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Alternatives To Courts
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Reward Courts

It's better to rewrite in DAOstack.

Courts That Perform Crypto Rewards Smart Contract

The idea is simple: Courts mint money to them who in any reason have too little (less than they should) money. There is much too much injustice and poverty in this world, and we should do something to solve this problem.

This first idea (mint money out of nothing, to distribute the burden of helping somebody to the entire society) is not new, but it has the drawback that money are decided by a centralized entity. That entity may lose reputation or fail badly. Consider the Australian jurisdiction where the wheel is patented. The same could happen with our crypto courts.

To solve this big drawback, it is proposed to be able to convert money from a currency of one court to a currency of another court. Every token in our system consist of a court ID and an intercourt token.

It is best explained with an example:

Consider the intercourt token HONEST of verifiable honestly earned money. Multiple courts (one entity is not enough to check honesty of everybody in the world) may create their currencies like HONEST1, HONEST2, ..., HONEST10. Then one would build a court H which would allow all these HONEST1, HONEST2, ..., HONEST10 to be converted into its currency. This way we split the work of verifying honesty into multiple organizations and have a "central" hub that based on their decisions verifies honesty automatically.

Now a payment gateway may accept the money H of our hub, or it may choose to use another hub. There is no really "central" hub, it is up to payment gateways and traders to decide which money they accept and which don't. That's the democratic way to control money.

For more details, see the wiki.

This is a project in progress.

Kind of software

Reward Courts is several Ethereum smart contracts with a Web Aragon voting interface around them. So each court usually makes decisions by voting.

Tech stack

  • NPM
  • Truffle
  • Aragon
  • IPFS
  • React


Release mode

(Note: The release mode is not yet tested.)


Debug mode

  • Install Aragon CLI:
npm install @aragon/cli
  • Deploy the software on your localhost:
npm start

After it starts, you will see the "Organization address" like 0x63536EE127797BC675659dCC760A59af073dAaB8. Run

./ <address>

This script will create a core contract and a court associated with your organization.

After this you can mint test (not real) money on your machine.


You may need the following tweaks:

sudo npm install --unsafe-perm=true  [email protected] --global
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