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Make continuous deployment delightful.

This project is currently archived since we do not use this tool anymore internally.

Plek is a GitHub integration and command line tool run from a continuous integration service. Plek deploys changes automatically and provides configured services like ZEIT Now out of the box. Additionally Plek shows the deployment status for each commit and provides 'preview' deployments for pull requests.

To start using Plek

The Plek CLI available as npm package is run from a continuous integration script. For example the command to deploy a static website with ZEIT Now is: npx plek now --app myproject -- --public. Plek will run through cleanup, deployment and aliasing using the commit context. Depending on this context Plek either deploys to the main domain or deploys to a subdomain for pull requests.

See the documentation for more information.

To start developing Plek

The CLI and server code for plek is inside the packages directory and the website including docs can be found in the website directory. To install dependencies for all packages and the website run yarn install from the project root.

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