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  • Format golang date time.Time with joda layout
  • Parse time with joda layout

reference :


package main

import (


func main() {
	date := jodaTime.Format("YYYY.MM.dd", time.Now())

	dateTime, _ := jodaTime.Parse("dd/MMMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss", "30/August/2015:21:44:25")


 Symbol  Meaning                      Presentation  Examples
 ------  -------                      ------------  -------
 G       era                          text          AD
 C       century of era (>=0)         number        20
 Y       year of era (>=0)            year          1996

 x       weekyear                     year          1996
 w       week of weekyear             number        27
 e       day of week                  number        2
 E       day of week                  text          Tuesday; Tue

 y       year                         year          1996
 D       day of year                  number        189
 M       month of year                month         July; Jul; 07
 d       day of month                 number        10

 a       halfday of day               text          PM
 K       hour of halfday (0~11)       number        0
 h       clockhour of halfday (1~12)  number        12

 H       hour of day (0~23)           number        0
 k       clockhour of day (1~24)      number        24
 m       minute of hour               number        30
 s       second of minute             number        55
 S       fraction of second           number        978

 z       time zone                    text          Pacific Standard Time; PST
 Z       time zone offset/id          zone          -0800; -08:00; America/Los_Angeles

 '       escape for text              delimiter
 ''      single quote                 literal       '

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