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"Durvasav BfPC" is a bruteforce password hash cracker (BfPC) and wordlist generator program written in C.

Name: Durvasav Bruteforce Password Cracker (BfPC)


Copyright (c) 2013 Vishnu M Aiea

Author: Vishnu M Aiea (AYGENT543)

License : GNU GPL v3

Date of initial release : 23:19 IST, 12-02-2013

Contact: [email protected]

Website :

Durvasav BfPC is a password cracker for cracking general password hashes including MD4, MD5, SHA0, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 using bruteforce method. Durvasav uses all alphanumeric and special characters in predefined format and supports 256 length user defined custom character set. There are several input methods and output methods. You can crack a single hash at a time and also 1000s of hashes simultaneously by importing a file. The minimum length for the password which you are expecting is 2 and the maximum is 12. Cracking may take several minutes to hours depending on the machine you are running Durvasav. There may be bugs in the program. Please report any bug you find, with additional information to the author. You may also send any improvement notes. You can press '9' on the welcome screen to see the version information and other details. Some future advancements will be,

  1. Heavy threaded cracking mechanism for utilizing multiple cores of CPUs.
  2. Increased password lengths.
  3. Support for some more hashes.
  4. Support of other type of cracking methods.
  5. Support for direct bruteforce of files like ZIP, RAR, PDF etc.

Durvasav BfPC uses,

  1. OpenSSL -
  2. Conio 2 -

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