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Build Windows Apps with Convinience

Build full featured Windows 10 Native apps or Web apps using Html, CSS & JavaScript.

Demo ⚡

Stunning Set Of UI Elements

Provides you with the rich UI Components that to completely matches the latest Windows environment that accelerates your productivity to build your hybrid windows app.

Build Universal Windows or Web Apps

Create apps that run fluently on every device


Getting Started

Code container template

View App Boilerplate

 └ core
   ├─ config/
   │  ├─ css/
   │  ├─ └─ appConfig.css
   │  ├─ drawable/
   │  ├─ └─ ic_launcher.png
   │  └─ appConfig.js
   ├─ css/
   │  └─ windows10framework.css
   └─ js/
      ├─ windows10framework.js
      ├─ windows10framework.api.js
      └─ windows10framework.notifications.js

Configure App Preferences

‣ Customize app preferences including drop shadows,dark mode etc.. using appConfig.js file

let BlurEnabled = true;  	//'true' get drop shadows for components
let ShowDarkModeSwitch = true;  //'true' get display a switch for dark/light mode
let NightMode = false;  	//'true' get dark mode when app mounted
let FollowSystemTheme = true;  	//'true' follow theme dark, light using system 

Configure App Color, Font Family or ScrollBars

appConfig.css file contains the app PrimaryColor, Fontfamily used by the app

:root {
    --PrimaryColor: #6632a8;  /* Change color you like */ 
body {
    font-family: "Segoe UI";  /* Change fontfamily you like */

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Windows10-framework is licensed under MIT license. View license.
Copyright (c) 2020-21 Vivek Verma

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