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Gateway125125 years ago140June 10, 201643apache-2.0Java
Kaazing Gateway
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CppCon 2018 Presentation materials
3 days agomitSvelte
Container as a Service admin
4 months agoPython
a web manager for supervisor process and docker container
Noco Serverless Chat5
4 years agomitPython
3 years agomitDockerfile
Docker container for MQTT Server Mosquitto. Open ports for Websockets and native MQTT connections.
Infusion Nexus3
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The Infusion Nexus
Ws To Wss Proxy3
3 months agoapache-2.0Shell
Acts as a bridge between WebSocket clients that don't support TLS and WebSocket servers that require TLS.
Php Websocket Server Docker3
7 years agomitPHP
Docker container for the gomoob/php-websocker-server
Sente Example3
7 years ago2Clojure
Sente's example project, modified to run behind nginx in multi-container docker on aws elastic beanstalk
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This repository contains the presentation file and compiling source code for the CppCon2018 talk.

Get Rich Quick! Using Boost.Beast WebSockets and Networking TS

Do you want to make a lot of money? You'll see some examples of free browser and server based WebSocket programs which have earned their respective individual authors tens of millions of dollars in no time at all. Perhaps after seeing this talk in person, you'll write the next massively successful WebSocket app!

The WebSocket protocol powers the interactive web by enabling two-way messaging between the browser and the web server. The Boost.Beast library implements this protocol on top of the industry standard Boost.Asio library which models the Networking Technical Specification proposed for the ISO C++ Standard.

This presentation introduces Networking TS concepts and algorithms, how to read their requirements, and how to use them in your programs. We will build from scratch a multi-user chat server in C++11 using Beast, and the corresponding browser-based chat client in HTML and JavaScript. No prior knowledge or understanding of Beast or Asio is required, the talk is suited for everyone.

Docker Container

To run this example in a Docker container, simply enter the following commands:

docker build -t cppcon2018-example .
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 cppcon2018-example

After that, you may observe the example at localhost:8080.

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