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a month ago83otherPython
Managed software installation for macOS —
Meslo Font2,116
4 years ago22
Customized version of Apple's Menlo font. Great monospaced font for development work. Should also work with the Windows Console (see Wiki for Windows infos).
Notionai Mymind140
2 years ago3mitPython
This repo uses AI and the wonderful Notion to enable you to add anything on the web to your "Mind" and forget about everything else.
Aos Downloader48
3 years agoPython
Apple Open Source Downloader
7 years ago1otherJava
A Minecraft mod to support MineTweaker customization of defeatedcrow's Apple, Milk & Tea 2
2 years agompl-2.0Rust
Fanling is a distributed note-taking system that is currently implemented on Linux PC and Android. It should alse be possible to build Fanling on Microsoft Windows and Apple PC platforms, and to write an iPhone port of the Android version. Status is: code uploaded, still under development
Android Wikipedia 3903
5 years agoapache-2.0Java
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen
6 years agomitRuby
Convert a Mac OS X Wiki to Markdown
Etc Wiki2
6 years ago
ETC-Wiki V1.0
14 years ago1Python
semantic wiki
Alternatives To Braindump
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Braindump is a semantic wiki. Each page has three parts:

  1. a set of key/value pairs where the key is an attribute and the value is another page in the wiki. An example key/value pair on a page called "apple" could be "color: red"
  2. a textual description, which is textilized.
  3. a set of backlinks. If the "apple" page has the attribute "color: red", the "red" page automatically has the backlink "color of apple".

Pages can be filtered based on key/value pairs with a simple query language that's accessible through the web interface as well as the graphstore API. For example, to list all pages with a "color" attribute that has a value of "red", type "color is red" into the filter box. "is" is just one operator -- there's >, <, >=, <=, "is not", "matches" [regular expression], and even "is before", "is after" (uses dateutil to parse and compare dates), "is north|south|east|west of" and "is within x miles of" (uses geopy and the Google Maps API). Comparison operators are pluggable, so adding a new one is as easy as writing a Python function.

It's persisted in SQLite. If I have time I'll port it to run on top of RDFlib so a braindump wiki can be part of the semantic web.


  1. easy_install everything in dependencies.txt
  2. cd into the directory
  3. python
  4. open http://localhost:8080/, and you should be good to go.

To clear out everything in the development database, just go to http://localhost:8080/delete_everything. (Releases won't have that feature lol)

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