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Java JSON Schema Generator

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Creating JSON Schema (Draft 6, Draft 7, Draft 2019-09 or Draft 2020-12) from your Java classes utilising Jackson.

This project consists of:

Another example for such a module is:


JavaDoc is being used throughout the codebase, offering contextual information in your respective IDE or being available online through services like

Additional documentation and configuration examples can be found here:


Dependency (Maven)


Since version 4.7, the release versions of the main generator library and the (standard) victools modules listed above are aligned. It is recommended to use identical versions for all of them to ensure compatibility.

It is discouraged to use a older/lower jsonschema-generator version than any of your jsonschema-module-* dependencies. If the module uses any feature only added to the jsonschema-generator in the newer version, runtime errors are to be expected.


Complete/Minimal Example

import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode;
import com.github.victools.jsonschema.generator.OptionPreset;
import com.github.victools.jsonschema.generator.SchemaGenerator;
import com.github.victools.jsonschema.generator.SchemaGeneratorConfig;
import com.github.victools.jsonschema.generator.SchemaGeneratorConfigBuilder;
import com.github.victools.jsonschema.generator.SchemaVersion;
SchemaGeneratorConfigBuilder configBuilder = new SchemaGeneratorConfigBuilder(SchemaVersion.DRAFT_2019_09, OptionPreset.PLAIN_JSON);
SchemaGeneratorConfig config =;
SchemaGenerator generator = new SchemaGenerator(config);
JsonNode jsonSchema = generator.generateSchema(YourClass.class);

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