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Use Laravel Mix (or any rev-manifest) with Craft CMS

You can already use Laravel Mix (Formerly Elixir) with Craft. It's rather straight forward. In fact, Matt Stauffer has an excellent write up on using Elixir on his company blog.

However, when using a CDN such as CloudFlare or Fastly. You might want to take advantage of file versioning to bust the cache. This plugin lets you use Elixir's built in versioning in your Craft templates!

Don't use Mix?

That's okay! The rev-manifest format is standard and this plugin is build-process agnostic. Just make sure your paths are configured properly.


  • Craft 3 (Tested on Beta 10)
  • Composer

Looking for a Craft 2 solution? Check out our Laravel Elixir package for Craft 2

Installation and Setup

Please follow the installation guide for Craft 3 plugins here


Twig Function

{{ mix('css/all.css') }}

Note: you can optionally output the entire HTML tag by passing a second argument true to the function (e.g {{ elixir('css/all.css', true) }}.

Twig Filter

{{ 'css/all.css' | mix }}

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ craft.mix.version('css/all.css') }}">


<script src="{{ craft.mix.version('js/app.js') }}"></script>

If you are especially lazy, you can have the plugin automatically create the entire tag, based on the file extension.

{{ craft.mix.withTag('js/app.js') | raw }}

This will output the <script> or <link> tags appropriately.


About Venveo

Venveo is a Digital Marketing Agency for Building Materials Companies in Blacksburg, VA. Learn more about us on our website.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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