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TableTop - Own your New Tab


TableTop is a New Tab extension. Inspired the macOS Dock, it aims to provide a fully customisable and feature packed New Tab page.


  1. Download the latest release (v1.0).
  2. Extract the tabletop folder from the zip file and store it at a location. (You can't change the location once you load the extension into Chrome).
  3. Visit the Extensions page. Turn on Developer Mode (top-right corner).
  4. Click on Load Unpacked (top-left corner) and navigate inside the tabletop folder extracted in Step 2.

NOTE: Disable other extensions which override the New Tab page to prevent conflicts.

Most of it works straight out of the box. You might need to supply additional information (such as API Keys) in order to use some features (such as fetching the weather).

Key Features

  • Add widgets for the content you wish to see.
  • Move around widgets and place them the way you like.
  • Modify the background (solid color, images, or online videos).

Future Plans

  • Provide an optimized experience.
  • Add more widgets.
  • Add new ways to customise the experience.

Other Things

  • Weather Data is provided by OpenWeatherMaps.

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