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SMS Number Verifier - Simple, free SMS verification tool

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Number Verifier is a SMS verification tool that makes it easy to get a disposable SMS number and bypass SMS number verifications on any site, for example Facebook, Discord, Twitter, Uber, WeChat, Google & more.

  • Written in Golang
  • Support for multiple free SMS providers (PRs are open!)
  • Automatically refreshing of latest messages (5s delay)
  • Easy switching between providers


To use this tool first download the latest release. If you're using Windows/Mac (darwin)/Linux, and not sure which one to select, you'll probably want to choose the 'amd64' (=64-bit) variant. After that, extract the package and run it.


We currently support the following providers:

  • smsreceivefree - Support for free SMS numbers, currently 14 numbers available from the USA. Messages are stored for up to 7 days.
  • Upmasked - Support for free SMS numbers, currently 2 numbers available from US & UK. Messages are stored until 50 messages are received.


  • [ ] Support more free providers
  • [ ] Support paid providers
  • [ ] Allow easy switching between numbers
  • [ ] Make amount of messsages shown a parameter
  • [ ] Improve message list output
  • [ ] Add native TOR support for SMS providers


Using this software to violate the terms and conditions of any third-party service is strictly against the intent of this software. By using this software, you are acknowledging this fact and absolving the author or any potential liability or wrongdoing it may cause. This software is meant for testing and experimental purposes only, so please act responsibly.

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