This library is designed to help you use the Material, Fluent or Cupertino design system with the Uno Platform
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Uno.Themes is the repo for add-ons NuGet packages that can be added to any new or existing Uno solution.

It contains two libraries:

Both libraries include:

  • Color system for both Light and Dark theme
  • Styles for existing WinUI controls like Buttons, TextBox, etc.

Platform support:

  • WinUI / UWP
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Android
  • WebAssembly
  • Linux (Skia.Gtk)


Package Stable Preview
Uno.Material NuGet stable NuGet preview
Uno.Material.WinUI NuGet stable NuGet preview
Uno.Cupertino NuGet stable NuGet preview
Uno.Cupertino.WinUI NuGet stable NuGet preview

Getting Started

See the complete documentation for starting with this library.

For a larger example and features demo, visit the Uno Gallery repository.


All documentation for Uno.Themes can be found on our website.


Please read our contributing guide to learn about our development process and how to propose bug fixes and improvements. Come visit us on our Discord Channel #uno-platform for help on how to contribute!

Contribute to Uno in your browser using, follow our guide here.

Be also mindful of our Code of Conduct.



This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license -- see the LICENSE file for details.


Thanks go to these wonderful people (List made with

Uno.Themes Contributors

💖 Thank you.

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