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Universal-ctags installable snap package for Linux
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Universal-ctags installable snap package for Linux
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Snap packaging for Universal Ctags

This repo packages universal-ctags as a snap. Snaps bundle an application and its dependencies in a package that can be installed without modification across Linux distributions.

For installation and usage instructions, see this snap's entry in the snap store, which are derived from the docs in snap/snapcraft.yaml.


Automatic builds of this package, for various different architectures, are made on snapcraft.io, but that link only works for owners of the universal-ctags snap.

On Ubuntu 19.04 and later, you can run the same build locally, plus a quick e2e test script, using:

make setup build install configure test

This takes a few minutes the first time. Subsequent runs are faster. Target 'setup' only needs to be done once.

Run make with no target to see documentation of the available targets.

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