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Yandex Geocoder .NET wrapper

.NET API for converting geographical coordinates to an address and back.


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Download (NuGet):

NuGet YandexGeocoder


Yandex Geocoder service can get the coordinates and other information about an object using its name or address, as well as the opposite, using the coordinates of an object to get its address (reverse geocoding).

For example, the geocoder receives the request Trkiye, stanbul, Kartal, Esentepe, Aydos Sokak, 32 and returns the geographical coordinates of this building: 29.198184 40.900640 (longitude, latitude). Conversely, if the request contains the geographical coordinates of the building 29.198184 40.900640, the geocoder will return the address.

Note: Free version supports 25000 requests per day. Also not all countries supported - read geocoder documentation.


var geocoder = new YandexGeocoder {
    SearchQuery = "Kyiv, Ukraine, Maydan Nezalezhnosti",
    Results = 1,
    LanguageCode = LanguageCode.en_US
AddressLine: Kyiv, Nezalezhnosti Square
AdministrativeAreaName: Kyiv
CountryName: Ukraine
CountryCode: UA
Text: Ukraine, Kyiv, Nezalezhnosti Square
Kind: street
Name: Nezalezhnosti Square
Description: Kyiv, Ukraine
Point: 30.523846,50.450131
PointLowerCorner: 30.521681,50.448904
PointUpperCorner: 30.526056,50.451514

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