Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Enforce privacy & security best-practices on Windows and macOS, because privacy is sexy 🍑🍆

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Get started

  • Online version at
    • 💡 No need to run any compiled software on your computer.
  • Alternatively download offline version for Windows, macOS or Linux.
    • 💡 Single click to execute your script.
  • ❗ Come back regularly to apply latest version for stronger privacy and security. application


  • Rich tweak pool to harden security & privacy of the OS and other software on it
  • Free (both free as in beer and free as in speech)
  • No need to run any compiled software that has access to your system, just run the generated scripts
  • Have full visibility into what the tweaks do as you enable them
  • Ability to revert (undo) applied scripts
  • Everything is transparent: both application and its infrastructure are open-source and automated
  • Easily extendable

Extend scripts

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Add more scripts in respective script collection in collections folder.
    • 📖 If you're unsure about the syntax you can refer to the collection files | documentation.
    • 🙏 For any new script, please add revertCode and docs values if possible.
  3. Send a pull request 👌


  • Project setup: npm install
  • Testing
    • Run unit tests: npm run test:unit
    • Run integration tests: npm run test:integration
    • Lint: npm run lint
  • Desktop app
    • Development: npm run electron:serve
    • Production: npm run electron:build to build an executable
  • Webpage
    • Development: npm run serve to compile & hot-reload for development.
    • Production: npm run build to prepare files for distribution.
    • Or run using Docker:
      1. Build: docker build -t undergroundwires/ .
      2. Run: docker run -it -p 8080:80 --rm --name undergroundwires/

Architecture overview


  • Powered by TypeScript, Vue.js and Electron 💪
    • and driven by Domain-driven design, Event-driven architecture, Data-driven programming concepts.
  • Application uses highly decoupled models & services in different DDD layers.
  • 📖 Read more on • Presentation • Application

DDD + vue.js

AWS Infrastructure

AWS solution

  • It uses infrastructure from the following repository: aws-static-site-with-cd
    • Runs on AWS 100% serverless and automatically provisioned using GitHub Actions.
    • Maximum security & automation and minimum AWS costs are the highest priorities of the design.

GitOps: CI/CD to AWS

  • CI/CD is fully automated for this repo using different GIT events & GitHub actions.
    • Versioning, tagging, creation of and releasing is automated using bump-everywhere action
  • Everything that's merged in the master goes directly to production.

CI/CD to AWS with GitHub Actions

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