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About HeadMail


HeadMail is an cross-platform tool developed using Nodejs which can help investigators and researchers to analyse email headers to filter out relevant data which can be considered useful during digital investigations.

Headers Filtered:

  • Delivered-To
  • From
  • Date & Time
  • Subject
  • Received-SPF
  • Content-Type
  • Message-ID
  • Mime-Version
  • X-Mailer


Windows Linux Mac Termux
  • Tested
  • Not tested




  • Make sure you have Nodejs installed on your system, which you can do by going to
  • Clone / Download the repository to your local machine and run the following commands:
cd headmail
npm i
node index.js

Linux / Termux

   sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y
   sudo apt-get install nodejs -y
   sudo apt-get install git -y
   git clone
   cd headmail
   npm i
   node index.js


   Headmail V1.0
    Usage: node index.js filelocation
    Specifies the location of the file containing the email headers that the tool would read.
    Example Usage: node index.js /home/umair/Desktop/headers.txt

NOTE: Supplying a file is mandatory else Archer would return an error

Willing to Contribute?

You can make a contribution to this repo by creating a pull request! Make sure you include the following details:

  • Feature introduced
  • What does the feature do?
  • List of External Modules/Packages if used

Reach Out!

You can contact me through the following handles:

  • Instagram - @umairnehri
  • Twitter - @0x9747
  • Discord - Umair#5710
  • Email - [email protected]

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