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About Archer


Archer is an cross-platform tool developed using Nodejs which focuses on the reconnaissance phase of a penetration test. Got a bunch of links that you wanna check? Archer makes it easy for you to check the response codes of all the links and even query them so that you know which link is still alive and which isn't.


Windows Linux Mac Termux
  • Tested
  • Not tested




  • Make sure you have NodeJS installed on your system, which you can do by going to
  • Clone / Download the repository to your local machine and run the following commands:
cd Archer
npm i
npm run help

Linux / Termux

   sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y
   sudo apt install nodejs -y
   sudo apt install git -y
   git clone
   cd Archer
   npm i
   npm run help


   Archer V1.0
    Usage: node index.js [filename] [statuscodetoquery] [outputtype]

    Specifies the file name containing the domain list along with its full location
    Note: Make sure the data is stored in txt format
    Example: /home/user/Desktop/file.txt

    Specifies the status codes you would like to be displayed
    Example: 200/404/302/any

    Specifies the format for the output which will be displayed
    Example: string/json

    node index.js /home/user/Desktop/domains.txt 200 string

NOTE: All flags are mandatory. Make sure that the links you provide have http:// or https:// added else Archer would return a "domain doesn't exist" error.

Reach Out!

You can contact me through the following handles:

  • Instagram - @umairnehri
  • Twitter - @0x9747
  • Discord - Umair#5710
  • Email - [email protected]

Wlling to Contribute?

You can make a contribution to this repo by creating a pull request! Make sure you include the following details:

  • Feature introduced
  • What does the feature do?
  • List of External Modules/Packages if used

Past Contributors

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