Call Rate Limiter

A tiny (~700B) rate limiting wrapper for async functions and APIs (live demo
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Bottleneck1,4197,1813153 months ago79August 03, 201975mitJavaScript
Job scheduler and rate limiter, supports Clustering
Node Rate Limiter1,31936,4272308 months ago16May 19, 202117mitTypeScript
A generic rate limiter for node.js. Useful for API clients, web crawling, or other tasks that need to be throttled
a day ago83June 07, 20229apache-2.0Go
High Performance Rate Limiting MicroService and Library
Node Ratelimiter706122474 months ago19February 24, 20209JavaScript
Abstract rate limiter for nodejs
Slowapi63213 days ago5August 28, 202131mitPython
A rate limiter for Starlette and FastAPI
2 years agoMay 31, 20211mitGo
Golimit is Uber ringpop based distributed and decentralized rate limiter
Hammer50612510 days ago16June 13, 202215mitElixir
An Elixir rate-limiter with pluggable backends
Go Limiter378213 months ago16September 25, 20211apache-2.0Go
A supersonic rate limiting package for Go with HTTP middleware.
a month ago31September 20, 20205epl-1.0Clojure
Clojure resilience library for flexible retry, circuit breaker and rate limiter
Rolling Rate Limiter28742152 months ago29September 13, 20223mitTypeScript
Rate limiter for node.js that supports a rolling window, either in-memory or backed by redis
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Call Rate Limiter

This is async/await friendly utility to limit the execution rate of any function. If you call the wrapped function more frequently than the rate limit allows, the wrapper avoided immediate call but arranges calls in the internal queue and call them later to ensure rate limit.

Often API providers prevent (or even ban) you from calling their API endpoints more often than specified number of times during defined time frame. As a responsible developer, you want to respect this restrictions on your own side and not give API provider a reason to restrict your code from the API access. call-rate-limiter package provides utility functions to help you in achieving this goal.

Rate limiting functions provided use sliding window rate limiter under the hood. Every function wrapped in rate limiter becomes a Promise-returning function. This Promise resolves then the function is called and, if it was async as well, only after returned Promise is resolved. Result of function execution is passed to resolve function.


npm install --save call-rate-limiter


Rate Limited Function

rateLimit takes limitCount, limitInterval and fn as arguments and returns rate limited function which should be called instead of the function passed as fn.

This means if you call rateLimitedFunc 150 times and only 100 can be called in time frame, the next 50 calls will be postponed and executed later to respect given rate limits.

import {rateLimit} from 'call-rate-limiter'

const rateLimitedFetch = rateLimit(
  60 * 1000,
  id => fetch(`${id}/`).then(res => res.json())

  fetch Death Star specs
  rateLimit transparently passes args to wrapped function
const deathStar = await rateLimitedFetch('9')

Rate limiting multiple functions by single limiter with objectRateLimit method

Suppose, there's number of APIs which have the same and only rate limit.

const basePath = ''

function character(id) {
  return fetch(`${basePath}/people/${id}`).then(res => res.json())

function planet(id) {
  return fetch(`${basePath}/planet/${id}`).then(res => res.json())

module.exports = {
  character: character,
  planet: planet

You can setup single rate limiter for a bunch of functions with objectRateLimit method. objectRateLimit takes object as last argument and return new object with rate-limited functions assigned for same keys:

import {objectRateLimit} from 'call-rate-limiter'
import api from './api'

const rateLimitedApi = objectRateLimit(1200, 60 * 1000, api)

// trying to list all planets in a galaxy far away
let i = 0
while(i < 100000) {
  console.log(await rateLimitedApi.planet(i))

Burst prevention

Call burst is a situation where single function is called many times during short time frame. That's a common issue with rate limiters, as they tend to unfreeze and send multiple requests to limited APIs as limit time window slides to allow new calls. Often you want to separate this calls by small timeout. To achieve this, you could use throttle functions, like the one lodash provides. Just wrap your API-calling function with throttle first and then wrap it in rateLimit.

import {yourFunction} from 'your-module'

import {rateLimit} from 'call-rate-limiter'
import throttle from 'lodash.throttle'

const waitBetweenCalls = 100 // 100ms
const limitCount = 30 // max 30 calls per minute
const limitInterval = 60 * 1000 // one minute

const rateLimitedNoBurstingFunc = rateLimit(
  throttle(yourFunction, waitBetweenCalls)
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