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Cage is game engine/framework designed for programmers with focus on ease of use, dynamic games, and procedural content generation.


Designed for programmers

  • Cage is a collection of libraries and tools, not yet another editor.
  • No visual programming - use c++ for the engine and for the game.
  • All tools and assets are configured with simple ini-like text files, which is suitable for version control systems.

Ease of use

  • Cage is programming framework that creates consistent basis for engine, tools and game development.
  • It encourages readable, maintainable and safe code while also allowing for quick prototyping.
  • Performance optimizations are added as necessary, without sacrificing simple api design.


  • Cage runs on Windows and Linux.
  • It is mostly self-contained.
    • Most dependencies are accessed as git submodules and compiled in.
    • There are just few packages required on linux, none on windows.
  • The Core library has no dependencies on graphics or sound and is suitable for running on headless servers.

Friendly licensing

  • MIT license lets you use Cage for personal and commercial products alike, for free, forever.
  • All 3rd-party licenses are copied to single redistributable directory during build configuration.



MazeTD MazeTD - almost complete tower defence game with unique mechanics, procedurally generated terrain, and mana powered towers.


Degrid Degrid - simple and mostly complete game with birds-eye-view of a spaceship fighting against hundreds of geometrical enemies.


Cragsman Cragsman - a game demo with procedurally generated terrain and simple physics

Space Ants

Space-ants Space-ants - visual simulation of thousands little spaceships at war

Cage Examples

Cage-examples Cage-examples - a collection of test scenes and applications


Core library

  • Framework stuff (strings, logging, configuration, events)
  • Operating system abstraction (memory, filesystem, threading, networks)
  • GLSL-like math and geometry primitives
  • Image, triangle meshes, and sounds en/decoding and algorithms
  • Entity + components framework
  • Assets management
  • Extensive tests

Engine library

  • Provides low-level/generic engine functionality
  • Scene description with entities
  • Window and input management
  • Objective layer on top of OpenGL
    • Long term plan is to switch to Vulkan only
  • Roughness/metallic workflow
  • Graphics effects:
    • hdr, bloom, tonemapping, gamma correction
    • depth of field
    • ssao
    • fxaa
  • Pipeline-like processing using multiple threads
    • 50 000 objects at 30 fps (cpu-bound)
    • All objects go through automatic instancing
  • Automatic shadowmaps
  • Sound
  • Gui
  • Virtual reality

Simple library

  • Provides simpler interface for typical games
  • Gameloop and timing
  • Single globally accessible instance of window, gui, and scene
  • Small utilities:
    • Fps camera controller
    • Fullscreen switcher
    • Statistics gui


  • Asset analyze - generates initial asset configuration for most files
  • Asset database - manages asset configuration and automatic processing
  • Asset processor - converts assets from wide variety of interchange formats to Cage specific formats
  • Image convert - batch format conversion for images
  • Image channels - split or join multiple channels to/from single image
  • Image info - print information about an image
  • Image resize - batch resizing of images
  • Image untile - slices a single image with tiled sections into a sequence of individual images
  • Mesh info - print information about a mesh



  • Contributions are welcome!
  • Questions, bug reports and feature requests are best done on github issues tracker and pull requests.
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