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Besepa Python

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ALPHA STAGE, dont use in production

The Besepa Python provides simple python wrapper to's API. The Besepa APIs ara fully supported by the SDK.


Install using pip:

pip install besepa


Register a account and get your api_key at Besepa Portal.

import besepa
  "mode": "sandbox", # sandbox or live
  "api_key": "EBWKjlELKMYqRNQ6sYvFo64FtaRLRR5BdHEESmha49TM" })

Configure through environment variables:

export BESEPA_MODE=sandbox   # sandbox or live

Configure through a non-global API object

import besepa
my_api = besepa.Api({
  'mode': 'sandbox',
  'api_key': '...'})

payment = besepa.Debit({...}, api=my_api)


To work on the Besepa SDK codebase, you'll want to clone the repository, and create a Python virtualenv with the project requirements installed:

$ git clone [email protected]:txerpa/besepa.git
$ cd besepa
$ ./scripts/setup

To run the continuous integration tests and code linting:

$ ./scripts/test
$ ./scripts/lint

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