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A Rust library for blitting 2D sprites

CI Cargo License: GPL-3.0 Downloads



Add this to your Cargo.toml:

blit = "0.5"

And this to your crate root:

extern crate blit;

Run the example

On Linux you need the xorg-dev package as required by minifb. sudo apt install xorg-dev

cargo run --example smiley

This should produce the following window:



extern crate image;

use blit::*;

const WIDTH: usize = 180;
const HEIGHT: usize = 180;
const MASK_COLOR: u32 = 0xFF00FF;

let mut buffer: Vec<u32> = vec![0xFFFFFFFF; WIDTH * HEIGHT];

let img = image::open("examples/smiley.png").unwrap();
let img_rgb = img.as_rgb8().unwrap();

// Blit directly to the buffer
let pos = (0, 0);
img_rgb.blit(&mut buffer, WIDTH, pos, Color::from_u32(MASK_COLOR));

// Blit by creating a special blitting buffer first, this has some initial
// overhead but is a lot faster after multiple calls
let blit_buffer = img_rgb.to_blit_buffer(Color::from_u32(MASK_COLOR));

let pos = (10, 10);
blit_buffer.blit(&mut buffer, WIDTH, pos);
let pos = (20, 20);
blit_buffer.blit(&mut buffer, WIDTH, pos);

// Save the blit buffer to a file"smiley.blit");

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