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React Native Cross-platform Apps

Production ready starter to build cross platform app with React Native.


  • Platforms
    • [x] Run on iOS with react-native
    • [x] Run on Android with react-native
    • [x] Run on web with react-native-web
    • [x] Run on desktop with electron
  • Development
    • [x] Testing with Jest'
    • [x] Absolute import paths
    • [x] Webpack loaders for JS, TS, fonts, files included
    • [x] Native debuggers with Flipper: reactotron, redux-debugger, etc
    • [x] Redux debuggger for web
  • Design
    • [x] Design system with Dark mode
    • [x] Icons with eva-icons
    • [x] Render semantic tags like H1, H2, H3 tag on web for better SEO
  • Libraries
    • [x] Redux + Redux-Toolkit for state management + Persist-storage
    • [x] i18n with i18next
    • [x] Tab navigation with react-navigation
    • [x] Deep linking


Clone this project

  • Folk or clone this project
  • In the root folder, run yarn && yarn app:dep to install the dependencies.
  • Run the app: On terminal 1, run packager with yarn app:start. On terminal 2, run yarn ios or yarn android for respective platform.
  • Run on web: Run yarn web:dev
  • Run on desktop: yarn electron

Set you your brand

  • Change project name: Inside root folder, run npx react-native-rename <your-new-project-name> to rename the app
  • Change project icon: Replace the icon.png and logo.png inside public/assets folder with your own assets. Then run yarn generate:icon && yarn generate:bootsplash

Set up deep


Debug app with Flipper

This project comes with some Flipper integrations by default. You should install Flipper for desktop together with these plugins for development:

Debug app on web

For development on the web, you can also install Redux-Debugger Chrome extension

Tool recommendations

  • Fastlane
  • Codepush


I do accept PRs, so please feel free to create PRs. It is prefered that the commits are following Conventional Commit


This project is licensed under MIT License.

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