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6 hours ago1June 08, 20223,038otherClojure
The simplest, fastest way to get business intelligence and analytics to everyone in your company :yum:
8 hours ago1,743apache-2.0Java
Free universal database tool and SQL client
2 days ago2May 05, 2020789bsd-2-clausePython
Make Your Company Data Driven. Connect to any data source, easily visualize, dashboard and share your data.
Directus21,737506 hours ago55September 22, 2022221otherTypeScript
The Modern Data Stack 🐰 — Directus is an instant REST+GraphQL API and intuitive no-code data collaboration app for any SQL database.
44 days ago37July 12, 2022207mitHaskell
REST API for any Postgres database
Shardingsphere18,45586 hours ago7June 04, 2020657apache-2.0Java
Ecosystem to transform any database into a distributed database system, and enhance it with sharding, elastic scaling, encryption features & more
Knex17,61418,0962,788a day ago248August 31, 2022830mitJavaScript
A query builder for PostgreSQL, MySQL, CockroachDB, SQL Server, SQLite3 and Oracle, designed to be flexible, portable, and fun to use.
10 hours ago757otherRust
📊 Cube — The Semantic Layer for Building Data Applications
5 days ago217otherJava
🏆 零代码、全功能、强安全 ORM 库 🚀 后端接口和文档零代码,前端(客户端) 定制返回 JSON 的数据和结构。 🏆 A JSON Transmission Protocol and an ORM Library 🚀 provides APIs and Docs without writing any code.
6 hours ago535otherC
An open-source time-series SQL database optimized for fast ingest and complex queries. Packaged as a PostgreSQL extension.
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Steampipe Postgres Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW)



The Steampipe Postgres Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) is a PostgreSQL 12.0 extension that is used by Steampipe plugins to interface with Postgres. Similar to Multicorn for Python, the Steampipe FDW simplifies writing foreign data wrappers in Go for use in plugins.

Steampipe uses a Postgres Foreign Data Wrapper to present data from external systems and services as database tables. The Steampipe Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) provides a Postgres extension that allows Postgres to connect to external data in a standardized way. The Steampipe FDW does not directly interface with external systems, but instead relies on plugins to implement the API/provider specific code and return it in a standard format via gRPC. This approach simplifies extending Steampipe as the Postgres-specific logic is encapsulated in the FDW, and API and service specific code resides only in the plugin.

See the Writing Plugins guide to get started writing Steampipe plugins.

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The Steampipe community can be found on Slack, where you can ask questions, voice ideas, and share your projects.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all Steampipe community channels.


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This open source library is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3, except for the fdw/include directory which is included directly from the Postgres project and subject to the PostgreSQL License.

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