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This is the source repository for TuLiP, the temporal logic planning toolbox. The project website is


In most cases, it suffices to::

pip install .

TuLiP can be installed also from PyPI <>_::

pip install tulip

This will install the latest release, together with required dependencies. To find out what dependencies (including optional ones) are installed, call::


For detailed instructions, including notes about dependencies and troubleshooting, consult The next section describes how to build documentation. A test suite is provided under tests/. Consult the section "Testing" below.

Pip can install the latest development snapshot too::

pip install

Code under development can be unstable so trying pip install tulip first is recommended.


There are two main sources of documentation outside the code. The "user" documentation is under doc/ and is built with Sphinx <>_, so the usual steps apply, ::

make html

API documentation is generated using Epydoc <>_ and can also be built from the doc directory, now by ::

make api

Built copies for the most recent release of TuLiP are available online at:

Command summaries are provided by make help. Besides the above sources, you may also read API documentation using the standard pydoc tool. E.g., ::

pydoc tulip


Tests are performed using nose <>_. From the root of the source tree (i.e., where is located), ::


to perform basic tests. To try all available tests, ./ full. For alternatives and a summary of usage, ./ -h

Contact and support

  • Ask for help on the tulip-control-users mailing list <>_
  • For release announcements, join the tulip-control-announce mailing list <>_
  • Bug reports and feature requests should be made at Please check for prior discussion and reports before opening a new issue.


This is free software released under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause License <>_. There is no warranty; not even for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Consult LICENSE for copying conditions.

When code is modified or re-distributed, the LICENSE file should accompany the code or any subset of it, however small. As an alternative, the LICENSE text can be copied within files, if so desired.

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