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Bart's Imgur uploader bash script


Upload images to Imgur via a small bash script.


This is the repository for the Bash script which has been found on Imgur's tools page since way back in 2009, and now on their new tools page.

I received infrequent but steady emails over the years with thanks and suggestions for improvements. A Google search shows the script has been reused and forked many times over the years. About time this had its own Git repository, so maybe the improvements can find their way back to the source.


  • curl


  • xsel, xclip, pbcopy (Mac), or clip (Windows) to automatically put the URLs on the X selection or clipboard for easy pasting


  1. Put it somewhere in your path and maybe rename it

     mv ~/bin/imgur

    Or you could make a symlink instead.

  2. Make it executable

     chmod +x ~/bin/imgur
  3. Optional, since I've provided a client ID: add your client id to the top of the script, replacing the provided one, or set it as the IMGUR_CLIENT_ID environment variable

Uploading images

  • Single image

      imgur images/hilarious/manfallingover.jpg
  • Single image from a URL

  • Multiple images

      imgur images/delicious/cake.png
  • Directly from a screenshot

      import png:- | imgur

    Note that the import command above is from Imagemagick, and will await a selection being made on screen.

The new URLs will be displayed (and the delete page URLs will be displayed on stderr). If you have xsel, xclip, or pbcopy, the URLs will also be put on the X selection, which you can then usually paste with a middle click.

If no filename is given, or if - is given as one of the arguments, an image is read from standard input.

Rate limits

There are some rate limits with the API. The daily upload limit is shared by everyone using the same client ID, so if you're using the provided one and start to get errors, you might consider using your own client ID.

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