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A UE4 implementation of the Steamworks API.

Interface Completed Notes
ISteamApps ✔️
ISteamFriends ✔️ [1] (1)
ISteamGameServer ✔️ [1] (4)
ISteamGameServerStats ✔️ [1] (2)
ISteamHTMLSurface ✔️
ISteamHTTP ✔️
ISteamInput ✔️
ISteamInventory ✔️ [1] (2)
ISteamMatchmaking ✔️
ISteamMatchmakingServers ✔️ [1] (10)
ISteamMusic ✔️
ISteamMusicRemote ✔️ [1] (2)
ISteamParties ✔️
ISteamRemotePlay ✔️
ISteamRemoteStorage ✔️ [1] (5)
ISteamScreenshots ✔️
ISteamUGC ✔️ [1][3] (3/3)
ISteamUser ✔️
ISteamUserStats ✔️ [1] (1)
ISteamUtils ✔️ [1] (3)
ISteamVideo ✔️
SteamWeb [2]
  • [1] Some methods were left out temporarily and will be added eventually.
  • [2] Steam Web API will come after the core interfaces are implemented and are stable.
  • [3] Some methods that were left out are added in a newer sdk version so thery're unable to be added at the current version.

Another note for [1]. I'm skipping some methods that will take a while to implement. I'm doing this so I can add most of the functionality quickly. If you need a specific method that isn't in the plugin then post an issue or add it yourself and submit a Pull Request.


Go to the releases page and download a release, or use Git and clone the repo into your Plugins folder.


Using SteamBridge is actually really easy.

  • Edit your DefaultEngine.ini and make sure the Steam config exists like here.
  • Open your project and start using SteamBridge.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Make sure you abide by our Code Guidelines.

Please work out of develop branch. Keeping main stable is a priority.



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