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3 years ago21gpl-3.0Java
Android application to fake GPS
7 months ago260mitC
Ai-Thinker A9/A9G GPRS (with GPS(A9G)) module C development SDK
Gpmf Parser395
6 months ago14apache-2.0C
Parser for GPMF™ formatted telemetry data used within GoPro® cameras.
Googleplayservicescomponents2761,0122519 days ago74December 13, 2022146otherC#
Oldx Fc_quadruped_quadrotor230
2 years ago1
OLDX_MocoMoco四足机器人开发平台 (每Star超过20更新 当日更新) Engilish Ver:
4 years ago1C
多旋翼开源飞控 更新中 请Star支持一下
Samples Coronasdk60
5 months ago3Lua
Sample code for Corona SDK.
Udesksdk Ios56
22 months ago67December 09, 2021mitObjective-C
Gps Sdk30
8 months ago6bsd-3-clause
The official SDK for developers to use Bad Elf GPS accessories on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
3 years ago
四足机器人 固件集合
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Traintracks Javascript SDK



  • Include javascript/production/sdk[-min].js
  • Run TT.init(options: Object) to intialize SDK
  • Run TT.log(eventType: String, data: Object) to send your event to Traintracks


  • token: String required your product key
  • secret: String required your product secret
  • build: String required your product version
  • userId: String required current user ID
  • userName: String required current user name
  • sessionId: String required session's ID
  • device: String optional device info, navigator.userAgent is used by default
  • latitude: Float optional gps latitude of event. both latitude and longitude must be sent to enable geospatial queries
  • longitude: Float optional gps longitude of event. both latitude and longitude must be sent to enable geospatial queries
  • endpoint: URL optional server endpoint, default is
  • print: Boolean optional if print your event by console.log, false by default
  • dry: Boolean optional if bypass underlying requests, convenient for debugging, false by default


For an example on how to use this SDK, please see javascript/test/live-example.html

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