Beautiful ridgeline plots in python
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ridgeplot - beautiful ridgeline plots in Python

ridgeplot: beautiful ridgeline plots in Python

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The ridgeplot python library aims at providing a simple API for plotting beautiful ridgeline plots within the extensive Plotly interactive graphing environment.

Bumper stickers:

  • Do one thing, and do it well!
  • Use sensible defaults, but allow for extensive configuration!

How to get it?

The source code is currently hosted on GitHub at: tpvasconcelos/ridgeplot

Install and update using pip:

pip install -U ridgeplot


  • plotly - the interactive graphing backend that powers ridgeplot
  • statsmodels - Used for Kernel Density Estimation (KDE)
  • numpy - Supporting library for multi-dimensional array manipulations

How to use it?

The official docs can be found at: https://ridgeplot.readthedocs.io/en/stable/

Sensible defaults

import numpy as np

from ridgeplot import ridgeplot

# Put your real samples here...
synthetic_samples = [np.random.normal(n / 1.2, size=600) for n in range(9, 0, -1)]

# Call the `ridgeplot()` helper, packed with sensible defaults
fig = ridgeplot(samples=synthetic_samples)

# The returned Plotly `Figure` is still fully customizable
fig.update_layout(height=500, width=800)

# show us the work!

ridgeline plot example using the ridgeplot Python library

Fully configurable

In this example, we will be replicating the first ridgeline plot example in this from Data to Viz post, which uses the probly dataset. You can find the plobly dataset on multiple sources like in the bokeh python interactive visualization library. I'll be using the same source used in the original post.

import numpy as np
from ridgeplot import ridgeplot
from ridgeplot.datasets import load_probly

# Load the probly dataset
df = load_probly()

# Let's grab only the subset of columns displayed in the example
column_names = [
    "Almost Certainly", "Very Good Chance", "We Believe", "Likely",
    "About Even", "Little Chance", "Chances Are Slight", "Almost No Chance",
]  # fmt: skip
df = df[column_names]

# Not only does 'ridgeplot(...)' come configured with sensible defaults
# but is also fully configurable to your own style and preference!
fig = ridgeplot(
    kde_points=np.linspace(-12.5, 112.5, 400),
    spacing=5 / 9,

# Again, update the figure layout to your liking here
    title="What probability would you assign to the phrase <i>Highly likely</i>?",
    plot_bgcolor="rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.0)",
    xaxis_gridcolor="rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1)",
    yaxis_gridcolor="rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1)",
    yaxis_title="Assigned Probability (%)",

ridgeline plot of the probly dataset using the ridgeplot Python library

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