A flexible plotting and data analysis tool.
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Orange34,520574714 hours ago63October 31, 2023114otherPython
🍊 :bar_chart: :bulb: Orange: Interactive data analysis
Plotnine3,7441271342 days ago20November 06, 202366mitPython
A Grammar of Graphics for Python
Tablesaw3,32814244 months ago78April 02, 2022130apache-2.0Java
Java dataframe and visualization library
Vizzu Lib1,833214 hours ago28November 22, 202314apache-2.0JavaScript
Library for animated data visualizations and data stories.
2 months ago24apache-2.0JavaScript
Instant offline SQL-powered data visualisation in your browser
18917 days agoMarch 15, 2023675otherJulia
Powerful convenience for Julia visualizations and data analysis
Pandastable59210102 months ago26March 27, 202337otherPython
Table analysis in Tkinter using pandas DataFrames.
Corner.py478881749 days ago13April 07, 202360bsd-2-clausePython
Make some beautiful corner plots
Uniplot293105 days ago35September 02, 20231mitPython
Lightweight plotting to the terminal. 4x resolution via Unicode.
7 days ago260gpl-2.0C++
GDL - GNU Data Language
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plottr: modular data plotting and processing

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A framework for inspecting data, based on flowcharts from pyqtgraph. plottr's main aim is to allow the user to define custom data processing flows and plotting. A particular use case is data filtering and plotting.

Documentation: (work in progress...)



Plottr is installable from pypi with pip install plottr

Plottr requires either the PyQt5 or Pyside2 gui framework. To install with PyQt5 or Pyside2 backend you can do pip install plottr[PyQt5] or pip install plottr[Pyside2]

Note that if you have installed pyqt from (Ana)Conda you should not use any of these targets but do pip install plottr or install Plottr from conda forge:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda config --set channel_priority strict
conda install plottr

To install from source: clone the repo, and install using pip install -e .

inspectr: QCoDeS dataset inspection and (live) plotting

You can use the inspectr tool to get a simple overview over QCoDeS database files, and plot datasets contained in the database.

To use: run plottr-inspectr [--dbpath <path to your .db file>]

As an alternative from the root of the cloned plottr repository, run python apps/ [--dbpath <path to your .db file>]

For basic instructions, check out the Notebook Live plotting qcodes data under /doc/examples.

Some notes on installing

Note: this package is not compatible with the original plottr tool. You might want to install freshly if you still use the old version.


  • python >= 3.8
  • the usual: numpy, mpl, ...
  • pandas >= 0.22
  • xarray
  • pyqtgraph >= 0.12.1

Recent changes:

See the plottr GitHub Releases page for versions and their changelogs

v0.10.0 2022-07-14


v0.9.1 2022-01-12


  • Fixed a crash bug with python 3.10 (#257)

v0.9.0 2021-12-20



v0.8.1 2021-11-30


  • Test with python 3.10 and mark as supported (#238)


  • add missing init file to config dir (#236)
  • Use a regular install in tests (#237)

v0.8.0 2021-11-11


  • Inspectr: tag a run with a star (⭐) or cross (❌) icon, filter by those, also show dataset metadata next to parameters and snapshot (#229)
  • Improvements to monitr: more stability in adding data to ddh5, better performance by making data loading multithreaded and running reach plot window in a separate process (#219)
  • Added pyqtgraph backend for plotting that can be used instead of matplotlib (Example for how to select can be found in test/apps/ (#215, #218)


  • Fix/invaliddata: small fixes when data contains a lot of invalid entries (#226)
  • Fix in shape recognition when adding data (#220)

Behind the scenes

  • Add minimal versions to dependencies (#201)
  • Make the .gitignore proper (#73)
  • add dependabot (#208)
  • Fix typechecking with mypy 0.9xx (#207)
  • clarify install instructions wrt qt and mention conda forge (#202)



  • refactoring the plotting system (#166)
  • Add version log message to main __init__ (#175)


  • Fix crop if less than one row is not nan (#198)
  • Fix rgba error (#199)
  • Allow empty dataset if datadict is none (#195)

Behind the scenes

  • Modernize setup files (#194)
  • packaging cleanups (#177)
  • upgrade versioneer to 0.19 (#176)



  • Add copy content features to inspectr and autoplot windows, specifically
    • a new Copy pop up menu for copying content of cells in inspectr
    • a new Copy metadata button in plot window for copying info about the dataset to clipboard


  • remove redundant information between the optional "info" box on the plot and the plot title


  • Drop support for Python 3.6 and support type-checking with qcodes 0.21.0
  • Fix type-checking with numpy 1.20


  • Fixed y-axis to not show axis-label if more than one plot is selected in 1D single-plot show.


  • Workaround for bug with pyqt installed via conda that would result in blank icons.
  • Add experimental support for using Pyside2 as an alternative to PyQt5



  • Entry points for inspectr (plottr-inspectr) and autoplot (plottr-autoplot-ddh5)
  • LICENSE file has been added (no change to license of the code)
  • has been tweeked to ensure that sdist and bdist_wheel packages are generated correctly



  • Usable version of hdf5 file support. can use the apps/ script to launch a tool that allows easy (live) plotting.



  • there were several issues/annoyances that caused (minor) issues with grid handling and plotting in rare-ish circumstances. Most of them should be fixed now.


  • A few docs and examples, mostly about grid usage.



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